Android Game

What is an android
game development?

Android is an Operating System, design and developed by Google. Morpheous Game Studio, provides one of its kind designing and development of games for android OS based devices. Here we convert your game ideas into reality. Our team of experts will analyze your requirements and provide you not only android game development and designing support but also consultation on sales and marketing.


Support different
formats of Games

Android OS can also support Java and flash based games. This gives us unique edge over your competitors to give you better solutions and high performance games. Higher end android devices has more power than iPhone 5 or new iPad, they have better 3D rendering capabilities and so make it a right choice for gamers.

Better Screens

Android devices are getting better and better in screen resolutions and pixel density. This is very important for games, as this ensures graphic rich gaming experience. Team Morpheous knows this very well and our designers and artists are at your service to convert your game ideas into reality.


Good Market Share

Android devices holds good market share since end of 2011 and is becoming more and more popular and affordable due to some really good innovations from companies like HTC and Samsung. This ensures you good market visibility and ROI for your Games. Getting your game developed for Android makes sure you are covering about 30-40% of remaining app market.

We Deliver Right on
the Google Play Store

Once Android Game Development is over, our support team at Morpheous provides direct upload services of your games on Google Store. This service is free for our clients. Please contact us or Request a Quote for more information on our services and development time line and cost of your game.